Home Staging

We add value to your property with style and elegance.

Home Staging

We add value to your property with style and elegance.

There are neglected living spaces of all types, homes, villas, farmhouses, apartments, that we can’t see for their real value and beauty. This can negatively affect their selling potential, because prospective buyers might undervalue it and discard it as an option. Problems like this cause a home to remain unsold for too long.

This is the right moment to request our Home Staging services, an emotional marketing technique that improves the perception of the property, shortens the time it takes to sell your property, and reduces the fall in price.

Through these home staging actions, the situation can improve completely, making a timely sale happen.

Who is the Home Stager

It is a professional figure born in the late 80s in the United States to contrast the effects of a crisis in the real estate market, that is now widespread in Italy as well. Today more than yesterday, people selling their properties rely on the Home Stager.

The literal meaning of Home Stager is someone who “stages a house” , which is to say someone who enhances the strengths of your house. Goal: sell the property as soon as possible. These are not renovations, but just a perfect layer of “makeup” that maximizes the aesthetic at the lowest cost.

What does the Home Stager do

The Home Stager’s purpose is to prepare the property for potential clients. These actions focus on, for example, the colours of the walls, the position of the furniture, the decorations, the fabrics, and all of the elements that add value to the room and create a perfect atmosphere: the sensation of “feeling at home”. These actions give freshness, harmony, and a welcoming air to the spaces.

How does the Home Stager at Forever Home work

Our services are the result of a collaboration of experts in the sector (interior designers, architects, professional photographers, real estate consultants) and our experience in public relations. A great mix to achieve great results for the property up for sale. Even if we are not a real estate agency:

  • We follow the client’s wishes in every aspect of the selling strategies of their property,
  • We focus on the best preparation possible for each space,
  • We place a high value on appealing to the emotions and imaginations of prospective buyers.

What is the economic value of home staging

The answer to this question depends on the type of consultation requested, as well as the type of property. Before accepting a new assignment, we meet with the client to establish expectations about how we can best satisfy their wishes. What we can guarantee is that investing in Home Staging is profitable.

If you want to know more about our services or if you would like to know more information about our staff, contact us. We would love to answer any questions you have.

You can write us at info@foreverhome.it