Home Styling

Moving, without leaving your home.

Do you think that your home or your B&B needs a renovation? Would you like to “redo its look”, while avoiding intense restructuring? And maybe even ask advice from an expert, to find the best solution to your issues? Well, our service of Home Styling is perfect for you!

The actions taken are similar to Home Staging even if the goal isn’t to sell the property, and they include the following steps:

  • First a survey of the space to take photographs room by room and establish the client’s wishes;
  • Evaluation of the condition of the property and the first proposal of redesign;
  • A detailed description of the strong and weak points of the space, with a quote of the proposed advice and of eventual necessary purchases.

In the last few years, Home Styling has had success in Italy as well, because it allows for the renovation of a space while avoiding an intense renovation and restructuring (and all of the costs that come along with it). Sometimes only a little bit is necessary to revitalize a space in a surprising way: a new colour on the walls, a different arrangement of the furniture, new curtains, contemporary fabrics… With a contained cost and a lot of expertise, you can give life to old rooms, to seemingly worthless hallways, dated bathrooms… In a few words: to move without selling your home, without even leaving your home.

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