Technical and Administrative Advice

A team of experts for a safe sale…

… without surprises. You need expert professionals to aid you with technical and administrative issues. No need to worry at all. If you’d like, you can take advantage of competent Technical Studiosthat we can suggest to you. The Technical Studio you choose will monitor the construction and registration of your property, and provide complete technical assistance during the selling process.

In the case of any major problems, they will look for the most efficient solution and establish costs and a concrete timetable. They will worry about the planning and filing of the necessary documents involving construction measures, including the CILA (Comunicazione di inizio attività [announcement of beginning of construction]), the SCIA (Segnalazione certificata inizio attività [Certified warning of the beginning of construction]) and the PdC (Permesso di costruire [construction permit]).

They will take care of the issuing of certificates, including the APE (the document that details the energy use and equipment of a building or an apartment), and the completion of construction and registration activities.

You can entrust all of the required actions to this team of experts so you can get to the signing of the deed without a worry, or any problems or hiccups.

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