Patrizia Polidori

Born and raised in Rome, class and elegance are my way of life.

When I was young, I followed my father through the world of French and Italian fashion, and I would help him choose the fabric for his stores and for some of the most prestigious tailors’ shops.

After graduating university with a degree in Languages and completing a Business and Management course in Lausanne, Switzerland, I dedicated myself to managing houses and private apartments in a small consulting firm. Through my thirty years of work in this field, I am able to value the potential of every property, seeing a space for more than its surface appearance.

My attention to detail when choosing residential or investment properties is linked to two of my other passions: Fashion and Design. These passions inspire me as I try to bring out the style of a property. Home Staging was a natural consequence of the convergence of my work and my passions.

And so, Forever Home was born.

Today, with Forever Home, I carry out our Home Staging services as I was taught in my professional courses. Yet I am still able to add my own touch of style and elegance to optimize a property’s market value and shorten the time it takes to sell your property.

For clients who are looking for a place of their own, I can help you find the right home, making your search easier.

With Forever Home, I help people sell their properties, as well as find their “Forever” home.



Patrizia Polidori

Home Stager & Stylist Pro

Marianna Mangione

Brand Manager

Tiziana Fiore

Home Stager Assistant