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The real estate market in Rome is a mirror of our complicated times. Selling or buying a property is a hard challenge without Home Staging experts.

My name is Patrizia Polidori, and I’m a property marketing consultant for private owners and agencies. I’ve always lived in Rome, and I know it’s beauty, its light side and its dark side, its exceptional qualities and its flaws. I learned about this city from my father, who worked in the world of Italian and French high fashion. With him I chose the fabric for his stores in the center of Rome, as well as the stores of some of the city’s best tailors.

At this point, I know all of the streets and the alleys, the voices, the sounds, the smells of this beloved city.

My headquarters can be found in Via del Gambero 37, near Piazza di Spagna, and it’s here where I meet my clients. I began helping friends looking for homes in Rome just for my own pleasure, but in a short time, thanks to my positive results and my passion for house hunting, interior design, and marketing, those simple moments of enjoyment have become my job. Today, I manage the offices of Forever Home.

The Italian real estate market has changed during the years: I’ve seen the ups and downs of the golden ages, and the lows of economic crisis. Throughout the years I’ve learned how to update my approach to satisfy even the most demanding clients. With Forever Home I offer home staging services for anyone who wants to sell a property quickly to the perfect customer.

How does Home Staging work? “Staging” the spaces of the house up for sale.

The philosophy of home staging is very simple: add value to rooms by appealing to the emotions of prospective buyers. Who isn’t looking for a house that already feels homey? Who doesn’t want to find an apartment, a house, a villa, or a farmhouse that inspires you to move in and furnish it beautifully? To achieve amazing results, a touch of class and elegance is necessary.

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What are our Home Staging services exactly? 

First of all, we do a survey; after having meet with the customer, we visit the property to assess weaknesses and decide how to value to its strong points.

After the survey, we prepare the rooms in a way that will surprise the visitor, and we take beautiful photos, because they are the first thing a prospective buyer sees, especially in the Digital Age.

When the quote is agreed upon and we have formally accepted the assignment, we spread the photos of the newly prepared space in different channels in order to reach our target buyers. When the photos of a property can bring out the attention to detail, the aesthetic of the furniture and the special qualities of the property, the meetings between buyer and seller are more frequent and more promising.

With our Home Staging services in Rome, we have an average of 54 days on the market. Since I started working as a Home Stager, I observed that our percentage of homes sold is up to 94%. This only confirms that Home Staging works in Italy too, but only with qualified Home Stagers, who are able to manage three important fields:

  1. Real Estate Market: it’s fundamental to know this sector well and to stay aware of market changes and location trends;
  2. Interior Design: to know how to furnish, to match colors and fabrics with style and pragmatism;
  3. Photography and Online Marketing: It’s not necessary to be a professional photographer or a social media manager, but it is important to now how to choose the right partners, especially those familiar with interior photography and social networks.

Of course, we must mention the most essential part of our method: customer service and expectations. In fact, we work with our customer up until the purchase agreement, entrusting them to professional experts who will help them in this process. Like everything, our work is based on trust, and we want our customers to trust in us and our services. I’d like to finish this post with a quote from Ernest Hemingway: “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

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